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The Celebrity Pitch TankTM

Celebrity Pitch Tank's goal is to award millions of dollars each year to local entrepreneurs.

Here is how CPT works. 

Y'all Street donates a percentage of all its sponsorships and adverting revenue to  the "Y'all Street Community Dream Centers" to support local entrepreneurs. 

Funding is allocated to communities and cities based on the number of views and swipes the community earns on the Y'all Street app. 

When the funding goal for a community is met the Celebrity Pitch Tank will feature the community on its online show to award funding to local startups businesses. 

Celebrities, athletes and local leaders.

Celebrities, athletes and local leaders can represent their communities and cities by serving as judges on the Celebrity Pitch Tank show to award funding to entrepreneurs from their communities and cities. 

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Pitch your idea on Celebrity Pitch Tank! 
Win cash and professional business support services. 

Make your pitch! 

Just logon to the Celebrity Pitch Tank YouTube channel and post a 30 second pitch about your business or business idea. 

You must download the Y'all Street App and have earned at least 150 rewards points to enter the contest. 

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Post your pitch today! 

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